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These sixteen video classes  contain our most powerful, tested, practice building methods.

Instead of boring, two-hour sleep-inducing droning, each video lesson is 15 – 30 minutes long, just the right length for a team meeting, commute, or anything else. They really are “all killer, no filler!” The style is extremely casual, like if you cornered Dr. Rich after a seminar and asked him to just “give you the good stuff!”
Now, you can experience “Total Practice Success” and
earn 6 CE credits in the comfort of your home or office!
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So exactly what is this all about?

Here is the full list, program by program, of what is included in “Total Practice Success!”

The AMAZING First Visit!

One of the most important yet overlooked ways to grow your practice is to totally “WOW” the patient at their first visit. Do that, and you’ve got a patient for life – one who gets their treatment completed and refers others. The good news – it’s really easy once you know how!

Sweet Sixteen Ways To Generate Referrals

We all want more referrals in our practice, but let’s face it – advice like “starting today, ask every single patient to refer a friend or colleague” just doesn’t work. What if you knew some proven ways to get more referrals into your practice without begging, pleading, or embarrassing yourself?

The Supercharged Oral Exam!

One of the most overlooked practice growth opportunities is the oral exam. Sure – we all know how to do one. But do you know how to do it in a way that will increase revenues, referrals, and patient loyalty?

Eliminate Cancellations and No Shows Now!

We have NEVER done an in-office consult where the question didn’t come up – “How can we reduce our no-shows and cancellations?” In this video you will finally learn how that can become a reality. With the average dental appointment generating over $450.00, how many filled cancellations will it take to pay for this program? You do the math!!

Simple and Effective Patient Testimonials Videos!

One of the most powerful ways to influence potential new patients is through the use of “Social Proof” – meaning “if other people like this practice, I probably will too.” And there is no better way to do that then by having excellent video testimonials from happy patients. But do them incorrectly and they will totally backfire!

Finally Increase Your Treatment Plan Acceptance!

Parts One and Two

Wouldn’t life be easy if those crazy patients just said “yes” to all of their treatment recommendations? Well, a super-high treatment plan acceptance rate is finally within your grasp. The best news is, anyone can do it – without any fancy courses, new equipment, or confrontational techniques.

Transforming The Difficult Patient!

We’ve all experienced this scenario – you see a particular name on the schedule and the whole
team feels sick. Well, not only should you never have to experience that, in this video lesson you will learn how to transform a difficult patient into one who loves your practice, and someone you actually enjoy seeing!

The Ultimate Productive Team Meeting With "M Power"

Team meetings. We all know that we should have them – yet so many practices dread seeing them on the schedule. Either they are a waste of time or worse – they turn into finger-pointing bitch sessions! And then – we just stop having them. But research shows that the most successful practices have team meetings on a regular basis.

Schedule More Patients With The "ALASKA System!"

Practically every single new patient appointment in your practice begins with a telephone call. When an office masters telephone techniques, their production automatically increases! It’s scary
how many potential new patients are lost before they ever walk in the door. With this video, there will be no need to pay an “institute” tens of thousands of dollars or be humiliated by rigged “secret shopper calls.”

Top Twenty Telephone Techniques

Since we’re on the topic of the telephone, let’s go even deeper. After all, it really is “the most important instrument in your practice!” So many practices that we observe lose over 75% of their potential new patients because they don't understand a few simple, simple to implement telephone strategies. In this video you'll learn twenty of them, including:
  • Two things to do immediately every single time the phone rings. 
  • The BIGGEST dental office no-no. It's extremely costly, and everyone does it!
  • We don't like putting people on hold, but if you have to, you need to do this!
  • What to do when someone asks "Can I speak to the doctor?"
  • How to avoid insulting a patient if you don't recognize their name.
  • Say this at the end of every call and increase your appointments by 85%!
Many more tips for "the most important instrument in your practice" - the telephone!

Never Run Late!

Running late will cause you to lose many patients and anger the rest. It’s time to stop running late once and for all!! If you think it’s impossible, think again – because it’s easy when you know how!

Collect 100% -

100% of the Time!

What good is "producing" if we can't collect? No good at all!! It's frustrating, unfair, and an overhead killer! And don't tease yourself into thinking you've done charity dentistry if a patient stiffs you!

Ten Things To NEVER Say In Your Dental Office!

We’ve been “flies on the wall” in hundreds of dental practices and have seen lots of great stuff. But unfortunately we’ve also heard things that made us cringe! Watch this video to learn ten things that are being said in dental practices all over North America that are dangerous and detrimental to your success. How many of the ten have you said?

Five "Dumb Things" Smart Dentists Do!

Let’s face it – to be a dentist you gotta be pretty smart. Yet we continue to do some dumb things that are killing our productivity and adding to our overhead. In this video we identify five of them that if reversed will easily change your practice forever!

The Happiness Equation

By the time you watch this video you will have learned over one hundred tips to increase your
production, lower your overhead, and increase your income. But what good is any of that if you don’t enjoy going to your office?
In the final (and most important) video lesson in Total Practice Success, you will see why having a “Negative Happiness Equation” is constantly stressing out dentists and team members, and how to reverse it so that your practice is not just productive and profitable, but enjoyable and stress-free!!
It could be the most important fifteen minutes you spend this year!!!
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There is so much incredible practice building information contained in these lessons that your head may explode while you are watching them! You may want to have a series of team meetings and watch them one at a time just so you don’t get overwhelmed with too much information! But whatever you decide to do, this is something you should not be practicing without!

  • The AMAZING First Visit!
  • Sweet Sixteen Ways To Generate Referrals
  • The Supercharged Oral Exam!
  • Eliminate Cancellations and No Shows Now!
  • Simple and Effective Patient Testimonial Videos!
  • Finally Increase Your Treatment Plan Acceptance,
    Parts One and Two!
  • Transforming The Difficult Patient
  • The Ultimate Productive Team Meeting With “M Power!”
  • Schedule More Patients With The “ALASKA System!”
  • Top Twenty Telephone Techniques
  • Never Run Late!
  • Collect 100% - 100% Of The Time!
  • Ten Things To NEVER Say In Your Dental Office!
  • Five “Dumb Things” Smart Dentists Do!
  • The “Happiness Equation!”


Difficult questions from patients can drive you nuts! But what's worse is when you don't have a really good answer! And here's the thing. A "good answer" doesn't just satisfy the patient. It doesn't just get you out of a sticky situation.

A good answer to a difficult patient question actually drives that patient towards treatment!

One of the simplest yet most effective "tweaks" you can make in your practice is learning how to answer the most difficult and frustrating questions that patients ask. In this bonus video you will learn exactly how to do that in a way that encourages your patients to appoint, move forward with treatment, and love your practice!



Even though some of the material is antiquated, the basic messages this book conveys are actually more relevant TODAY than they were back in the midseventies when it was first published.
It totally blows away so many concepts that we have just assumed to be true and have prevented us from being happy, successful, and most of all, incredibly productive.


We are allowed to “give them away” in a PDF format without breaking our agreement with Dr. Estep! And that is exactly what we will do for you when you purchase "Total Practice Success."

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